Digital Newspapers, Magazines, Ebooks & More!

GLS's Digital Media Platform is an easy-to-use solution for providing digital publications to guests in luxury venues across the UAE.

With todays’ competitive hospitality industry, retention is usually a result of high guest satisfaction. Value added guest amenities, give hoteliers an ideal solution to gain a competitive edge in the market resulting in higher guest satisfaction and repeat visits.  

Due to the geographical location of the UAE, we have noticed it can be difficult for hotels in the region to gain access to international printed newspapers and magazines. We have therefore designed a digital offer in which your guests can use to download publications and then save these to their devices, same day without any delay. 

The Platform streamlines the download process allowing the material to be accessible quickly, even over an Internet connection with limited bandwidth.

Some of the key benefits of the platform include:

  • White Labeled to your venue
  • Hotel Branding and Images on home page
  • Promotional Pods available for hotel literature and Publishers
  • Easy Setup – No Hardware Necessary
  • Covers Entire Hotel Wi-Fi Network and is Geo Locked to the location 

For further information or to set up a trial please contact us today.